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Special contactors for every application
High-performance contactors for capacitive loads

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is expanding its portfolio of contactors for special applications compliant to utilization category AC-6b with its new 3RT26 capacitor contactors. Available in a finely graduated performance spectrum ranging from 12.5 to 75 kvar, the portfolio now offers precisely the right contactor for every application.

The new 3RT26 capacitor contactors

In contrast to their predecessors, the new 3RT26 capacitor contactors for capacitive loads offer both higher performance and a longer service life. With performance classes rang­ing from 12.5 to 75 kvar, the port­folio now provides the perfect contactor, no matter what the application. The variants with a 45 millimeters basic width switch up to 12.5, 16.7, 20, 25 or 33 kvar, the 65 millimeters wide base units up to 50 or 75 kvar. The functional capability has also been extended with a range of new, freely available integrated auxiliary switches. There is now a variant with two NC con­tacts (2NC) available across all the performance classes, as well as 
variants for DC switching. 
The new 3RT26 contactors are part of the Sirius modular system, come with approvals for worldwide application, and are compatible for use with the extensive accessory range available for the 3RT2 base units. «

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