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High efficiency
Alcon exhausts energy saving potential with Siemens

Puurs, Belgium. To optimize the op­erating costs of its energy-intensive clean rooms, the Belgian Alcon group relies on Energy Analytics from Siemens.

The Alcon pharmaceutical group produces in clean rooms operated by systems requiring a high energy input. Alcon uses Energy Analytics from Siemens in an effort to gain an exact overview of its power consumption and the arising costs. “Energy Analytics provides direct insights into our energy consumption as a service and allows me to focus on the implementation of concrete improvement measures,” says Nancy Lantshoght, Energy Manager at Alcon. As Energy Analytics is a managed service, Siemens takes over responsibility for storing and analyzing the data. In an initial practical test, the control program of two compressors was reviewed using Energy Analytics. As a result of the analysis, an optimized control scheme was proposed that reduced the energy consumption of the compressors by twelve percent. «

Siemenes Energy Analytics
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