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Efficient industrial controls
Shorter dead times using Sirius motor starters mean higher plant output

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is optimizing its Sirius product portfolio for efficient industrial controls by reducing the dead time of its tried and tested 3RM1 failsafe hybrid motor starter. The reduced dead time of 200 down from 500 milliseconds (ms) has enabled an increased number of switching processes per time unit, resulting in a tangible increase in plant output.
With its Sirius product family of motor starters, Siemens offers energy efficient switching technology which helps to reduce the power consumption of plants and at the same time increases efficiency. The established hybrid failsafe motor starter Sirius 3RM1 has now been further optimized and will be available from now on with a reduced dead time of 200 milliseconds (ms) instead of 500 ms. As an overload protection function, the dead time helps to protect motors and starters by preventing the next start taking place immediately following a motor start and brief operation period without sufficient interruption. An immediate new start would result in excessive component heating and consequently damage to the hardware. The shortened dead time allows the motor starters to perform a higher number of switching processes per time unit. In applications such as conveyor belts which involve frequent on and off switching processes, this results in a shorter cycle time and higher plant output. 
The hybrid motor starters from the Sirius portfolio combine relay and semiconductor technology. This hybrid switching technology makes them particularly economical. 


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