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Extended modular system 
Sirius 3RT26 contactors for capacitive loads in four sizes

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is extending the Sirius modular system to include the new 3RT26 contactors for switching capacitive (contactless) loads. The new contactors are available in four sizes, for DC operation and in NC configurations.
The Sirius modular system from Siemens assists users with the transition from digital to actual control cabinet construction, particularly in the industrial automation and building technology sectors. Siemens is now extending the modular system to include the 3RT26 capacitor contactors. These new special contactors are particularly suitable for switching contactless (capacitive) loads; they are based on the 3RT2 base units and make use of precharging resistors which are decoupled once the switch-on peak current is damped. The contactors can be used for DC operation and are available in four sizes and NC configurations. These capacitor contactors have been approved for global use.
The new special contactors complement the Sirius modular system which includes a full range of industrial control engineering components for switching, protecting, monitoring, and starting motors and plants. The modular system is particularly versatile, quick to wire in and complies with all standards.

Sirius Modular System
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