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Planning and simulation tool for Profinet networks extended
Sinetplan now comes with new and extended functions

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens has released Servicepack 1 of its Sinetplan software tool for the configuration and simulation of Profinet automation networks. Sinetplan V1.0 SP1 features a number of new functions, such as support for Windows 10 and the import and simulation of existing TIA Portal projects from TIA Portal V14 SP1. The product catalog has also been significantly extended to include a large number of device descriptions, predominantly for switches. Also integrated is a function enabling the specification of user-specific data rates.
Faulty configuration or overloading of a Profinet network can not only adversely affect a complete application but in the worst case may even lead to production outages. The Siemens network planner Sinetplan is designed to help plant engineers, constructors and operators by providing support from the planning stage through commissioning to operation of a Profinet communication network. To guarantee subsequent operating reliability and avert problems during commissioning, a suitable topology for the network is configured as early as the planning phase, and any potential bottlenecks due to factors such as load peaks are simulated in advance. During the operating phase, Sinetplan provides pcap analyses using online scans to determine the traffic generated by non-real-time network nodes, and reporting functions to provide transparency about network capacity utilization down to the port level of the individual nodes. This prevents unnecessary downtime due to network overload and so increases both network and production availability.

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