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Communication via different cables
Two-wire Ethernet technology in the process industry

Nuremberg, Germany. To allow the process industry to also profit from the benefits of proven Ethernet technology and communication over Profinet, a solution capable of supporting two-wire data communication is called for. Only in this way is it possible for companies to continue using their existing cabling infrastructures. This is made possible using VD (Variable Distance) technology and adapters such as the new BA 2xRJ45VD HA bus adapter combined with relevant active network components from the Siemens portfolio. These allow distances of up to 1000 meters to be bridged and, depending on the topology requirements, different structures to be configured either electrically or optically.
Standard Ethernet in compliance with IEEE 802.3 with data rates of 100 megabit per second (Mbps) up to ten gigabit per second (Gbps) and communication protocols such as Profinet have long since become established in the discrete industries, where they are vital to ensuring a fully functional network and communication infrastructure. The process industry is now also seeing the introduction of these proven protocols gaining increasing momentum. This calls for the use of Ethernet technology which is also capable of supporting two-wire data communication, as only this technology will allow existing cabling infrastructures to carry on being used in tandem with the newly installed systems. 

Two, four and eight-wire cables
VD (Variable Distance) technology is designed to enable precisely this, as it allows not only four-wire (twisted pair) cables but also two and eight-wire cables to be used. This makes it possible to reach Profinet users at distances of up to 500 meters, for instance. Depending on the data rate and whether two, four or eight-wire cables are used, it is possible to bridge distances of between 100 and 1000 meters. This makes VD technology the ideal solution for the process industry. The new BA 2xRJ45VD HA bus adapter supports VD technology combined with relevant network components, as it allows network users to be connected to the Industrial Ethernet over two, four and eight-wire cables.

Reliability and flexible application
Components supporting the new BA 2xRJ45VD HA bus adapter in the process industry are the Scalance XF204-2BA and XF204-2BA DNA Ethernet switches, which feature PCBs with conformal coating. These are able to withstand an extended temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius, and are suitable for installation at elevations of up to 4000 meters. Using the Scalance XF204-BA DNA and the new BA 2xRJ45VD HA bus adapter, S2 devices can be linked to a high-availability Profinet system (R1-system) at distances of up to 500 meters, enabling the use of the Simatic PCS 7 V9.0 process control system down to the field level.
The new BA 2xRJ45VD HA bus adapter is used not only in Scalance XF-200BA switches but also in the Simatic ET 200SP HA and Simatic CFU.


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