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Optimum condition monitoring
New scope for analysis and MindSphere link with Siplus CMS1200

Nuremberg, Germany. With its new Siplus CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System, Siemens is offering a reliable solution for the condition monitoring of mechanical plant components. Users benefit from a connection between the CMS1200 and MindSphere, the online data streaming of vibration data to the analytical software CMS X-Tools, as well as calculation and monitoring of the DKW characteristic value for bearing diagnostics. In addition, creating site classes enables a more precise diagnosis.
Condition monitoring of mechanical machine components is vital for predictive maintenance and the prevention of costly standstill periods. Siemens makes this possible with components in the speed range from three to 16,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). With its new Siplus CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System designed to permit integration into the Simatic S7-1200 plant controller, Siemens is extending its existing portfolio of condition monitoring components. The CMS records vibration signals using IEPE (Integrated Electronics PiezoElectric) sensors and evaluates them without the need for additional software. The analysis results are sent to the Simatic CPU. The diagnostic findings are visualized using a web browser, making them quickly and easily accessible to the plant operator.

On the way to Industry 4.0
The interaction between Siplus CMS1200 and MindSphere, the cloud-based open operating system for the Internet of Things, provides a key benefit from the perspective of digitalization. It allows large quantities of data – even gathered from machine fleets spread around the globe – to be analyzed and utilized. This communication capability benefits users, particularly when it comes to servicing and prevention of machine downtimes. As well as the connection to MindSphere for frequency-selective and characteristic value analyses, CMS1200 offers three new analysis options. One of these is what is known as online data streaming: To allow variable-speed drives to be monitored and detailed analyses to be performed, vibration data can be transmitted online to the CMS X-Tools analysis software. The second innovation relates to bearing diagnostics. Here, the Condition Monitoring module SM 1281 of the CMS1200 monitors bearings by independently calculating and monitoring the DKW value (characteristic dia­gnosis value method). And finally, the CMS1200 can be used to perform an operating class-dependent analysis.  For a more precise diagnosis, operating classes can be created in which the raw data captured by the CMS are stored and actively sent to a PC for further data analysis.

Siplus CMS

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