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More functions, higher security
TeleControl Server Basic software for control centers now available in Version V3.1

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens has now released V3.1 of its control center software TeleControl Server Basic. The new version provides protection against data loss by buffering data at the OPC UA interface. This new level of data security also benefits operation of the software in combination with Sinema Remote Connect, which enables simple management of all VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels. The software is now also released for Windows Server 2016 and communicates over modular RTUs based on the Simatic controllers and also with compact RTUs of the Simatic RTU3000C family. 
TeleControl Server Basic software can be used to monitor automated plants from a single control center. TeleControl Server Basic is used predominantly in applications such as sewage and wastewater treatment plants, district heating grids and for power distribution. Siemens has now released V3.1 of the software, which offers a number of innovations.
One new feature in Version 3.1 is a data buffering feature of the OPC interface, enabling data backup in the event of a dropped connection or a data burst between the TeleControl Server Basic and OPC UA client (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture / machine-to-machine communication protocol). Further enhancing data security, the software can now also be operated in combination with Sinema Remote Connect management platform. Sinema Remote Connect offers the simple handling and creation of encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels, which are used for secured data transmission between the RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and the control center.

Reliable routes of communication
TeleControl Server Basic communicates both with the compact Remote Terminal Units of the Simatic RTU3000C family and with the modular RTUs based on Simatic controllers. The underlying remote control protocol is TeleControl Basic. Suitable communication processors (CPs) are offered for Simatic S7-1200 and Simatic ET 200SP.Version V3.1, which has also been released for Windows Server 2016, also supports connection of the new Simatic RTU3010C, which is linked to the control center via an external router such as the Scalance M.

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