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Information from Siemens
New publications on updates to standards

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is publishing two technical texts to provide customers with the latest information on the application of European directives and international standards. The reference work “Control Panels Compliant with IEC Standards and European Directives” has been updated in accordance with the new version of the safety standard IEC 60204-1 and now includes a range of practical planning tips. In addition to this, a new white paper deals with the guidelines in the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU for risk analysis and assessment of industrial control panels.
Whether operating plants, building control panels or equipping machines, nearly all these activities are supported by several standards which, amongst other things, ensure plant safety and product quality. These standards, whether issued and approved by federal, European or international bodies, are regularly updated or amended in order to keep pace with the rapidly advancing state of the art. Siemens is offering its customers documents on important updates which deal with and explain the latest developments and demonstrate these through examples. The focus is on the significant changes to the standard IEC 60204-1 and the European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU which affect panel builders.

Conforming to international guidelines
The guideline “Control Panels Compliant with IEC Standards and European Directives”, which runs to over 300 pages, provides users with information on what they should be aware of when planning, manufacturing and operating electronic low-voltage switchgear assemblies in accordance with the relevant IEC standards and European directives. It provides wiring examples and other important practical information and focuses specifically on the standards IEC 60204-1 and IEC 61439-1/-2.

Protecting people and animals
The significantly slimmer white paper risk analysis and assessment of industrial control panels provides information for panel builders on the updates and ramifications of the European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. It also provides practical examples illustrating how analysis and assessment can be carried out. The directive 2014/35/EU ensures that electrical equipment corres­ponds to the required safety level for the protection of people and animals and associated property. It applies to all devices which operate at a nominal voltage between 50 and 1,000 AC Volts or 75 and 1,500 DC Volts.

Available for immediate download
Both publications are available to download now at

IEC and EU Directives 


IEC reference manual
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