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Precision in series
Siemens automates resistance welding machines for bandsaws

Lippstadt, Germany. As a leading manufacturer of resistance welding machines, the company Ideal-Werk C. + E. Jungblodt GmbH attaches enormous value to quality, development and progress. The company’s core business has traditionally included standardized flash butt welding machines for bandsaws. To improve its future flexibility and productivity, and enhance the operating convenience of its BAS 300 machine series, Ideal-Werk relies on end-to-end control and drive technology from Siemens. 
A single weld can have an enormous impact on the quality of an end product. This is particularly true in the case of bandsaws, whose saw blades are welded to create a continuous ring. The seam must not be allowed to rupture or break under even the highest levels of stress – for instance when bandsawing timber or plastics. Creating the ideal conditions for reliable sawing is the company Ideal Werk Jungblodt GmbH with its series of flash butt welding machines. These ensure a consistently high standard of quality in each and every welded seam as well as providing a high yield.

An integrated overall system for the first time
In a bid to further improve the utilization, handling and flexibility of its machines, the company took the decision to equip its long-established BAS 300 machine series with integrated control and drive technology from Siemens from the bottom up rather than continue its previous piecemeal approach. The core components of the new automation solution, alongside the compact central processing unit Simatic S7-1200, are a single-axis Sinamics S110 converter, a Simotics S-1FK7 servomotor with pre-mounted gearbox and a Simatic KTP700 Basic touch/key panel. These additions enable not only the carriage movement but also the annealing process to be flexibly controlled and monitored. 

Freely programmable and flexible
Ideal-Werk is also able to address demands for greater flexibility by using a new, patented combination of mechanics and automation. Instead of using a rigid mechanical cam disk, carriage movement is now controlled by a simple linear cam disk driven by servo motor. Its movement can be freely programmed using a programmable logic controller (PLC), allowing individual adjustment of the welding, forging and flashing processes. As this Simatic controller also supports interrupt modules, in addition to the normal control sequence it is also possible to initiate precisely-timed asynchronous processes, allowing a rapid user response to process requirements. 

Engineering and servicing made easy
The Lippstadt-based machine builder also benefits from the possibilities offered by the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), which it introduced some time ago. This allows required automation components to be simply and efficiently engineered, parameterized, linked and programmed. As even the compact variant of the Simatic S7-1200 comes with an Ethernet port, the commissioning or servicing engineer only needs to connect to the controller using a simple network cable to begin work. Ideal is so delighted with the new modular automation system that the concept has already been transferred to other machine series.

TIA Portal



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