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Big data improves visibility
Data analytics creates more transparency in industrial washing systems

Ladenburg, Germany. As one of the leading independent manufacturers of cleaning products, Calvatis GmbH supports the food sector, amongst others, with individual solutions and hygiene concepts. Following requests from its customers for greater transparency in cleaning product usage, the business worked together with Siemens on a project to analyze and display data from industrial washing systems using the open cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere. This resulted in efficient management of resources and energy data optimization as well as preventive maintenance.
Today, industrial washing systems can use sensors to pick up important data such as water consumption or temperature level in the system. This includes machines for cleaning plastic crates in the food sector which a large German commercial enterprise, a Calvatis customer, operates at four different locations. Together with Siemens, Calvatis developed a solution to periodically analyze and display captured data and to do this in the cloud so that all results are available and can be retrieved from a central point.

Optimum overview at the push of a button
A great advantage in this project consisted in the fact that the metering units in the washing system were already equipped with type S7-1200 Siemens controllers capturing large volumes of data which can be output to a USB stick. Calvatis and Siemens were able to use this existing technical base as a starting point. An important requirement from the customer was simple connection to the cloud and data analytics. MindSphere, which is designed as an operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT), is the perfect tool for this. Machines can be easily connected to the IoT platform without any additional programming effort via an IoT gateway which provides Plug & Play access to the internet and the cloud. MindSphere acts as both a data platform and an analytical tool, allowing calculation of water consumption and the amount of cleaning agents and chemical additives used per crate, per hour. This information is used by the Calvatis customers’ purchasing and quality management departments to optimize the ordering process and to spot technical variations early.
Data analytics reveal huge potential

Data can be easily displayed and 
analyzed using the Manage MyMachines application. By using online access, both Calvatis and the commercial enterprise’s employees can very easily see the rate of chemical consumption, the temperature in the system, and the actual conductivity of the water/cleaning product solution. The captured data is not only relevant for efficient operation but also an important tool for identifying faults and scheduling service engineers. MindSphere provides Calvatis with an ideal tool for optimizing energy data, for preventive maintenance, and for resource management which can also be used in the future for other cleaning systems.


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