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Siemens MediaService January/February 2018
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More storage and corner positioning
Corner fixture and infinitely rewritable transponder join the RFID portfolio

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is extending its RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) portfolio to include the passive, maintenance-free MDS D560 transponder. By using FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) technology the new transponder can be rewritten an unlimited number of times. Another new feature: a fixture for the MDS Dx60 transponder series designed specifically to allow corner transponder mounting on workpiece carriers.
The MDS D560 is the latest addition to the Simatic RF200 and Simatic RF300 portfolio. With its large eight kilobyte FRAM, it is able to store data directly on workpieces, part storage systems and containers, helping to reduce downtimes and improve plant availability. The transponder is based on ISO 15693 and comes with a high protection rating of IP68, chemical resistance and a range of up to 160 millimeters. This combined with its compact design makes it particularly suited to mounting in confined spaces and for use in harsh industrial environments. Using a spacer, it can also be mounted directly on metal. 

“Thinking round corners”
The new corner fixture allows transponders MDS D160, MDS D460 and MDS D560 to be mounted at an angle of 45 degrees on the corners of metallic and non-metallic workpiece carriers. Once clipped into the fixture, the transponder can be read in the longitudinal and transverse direction, allowing workpieces and workpiece holders to be identified and traced with a greater level of production efficiency, and a large number of different product variants to be transported within a production line. The high protection rating of IP68 and resistance to oils and cleaning agents provide ideal conditions for use of the corner fixture in harsh industrial environments. The deployable transponders of the MDS Dx60 series come with memories of different sizes from 112 byte EEPROM up to 8000 byte FRAM.


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