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New software for Sitop power supplies simplifies engineering and data handling

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens has launched new Sitop Manager software for Sitop power supplies with communication capability. The software allows online and offline engineering, commissioning, diagnosis as well as operation and monitoring of communication-capable Sitop power supplies. The Sitop Manager enables all the power supplies of a network to be engineered, and certain configurations to be copied and used any optional number of times. In the event of a fault, the Sitop Manager ensures safe shutdown of the PC, preventing the loss of production-relevant data.
Communication between the PC with Sitop Manager and connected power supplies takes place over OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), an open, manufacturer-independent Ethernet-based communication standard. Because OPC UA complies with particularly stringent security standards, it guarantees secure data transmission. Interacting with a buffered Sitop power supply, the Sitop Manager prevents production data and connections to cloud-based data being lost in the event of a power failure. Because it uses a web-based user interface, the Sitop Manager is extremely simple to use in any kind of automation project. The software’s web-based user interface also allows users to access the functions from mobile terminals. The extensive software is used wherever Simatic PCS 7 or Simatic Step 7 are not used for plant engineering and programming. In this case, the Sitop Manager can be used to configure both the Sitop PSU8600 power supply system and the Sitop UPS1600 uninterruptiblepower supply. The software has been made available by Siemens as a free download for all popularly used Windows PCs.

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