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Greater network transparency
Version update for network management and diagnostic software

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens has introduced a number of new topology functions in the latest version of its network management and diagnostic software Sinema Server V14 SP1. This latest service package (SP1) will enable redundant PCS 7 architectures to be detected in future, and H (highly available) systems to be depicted. The new version also supports additional web browsers, the Windows Server 2016 operating system and up to 16 network cards. 
As an integral part of industrial communication, Sinema Server is a key building block in the digitalization of production processes. With this service pack SP1 for Version 14, Sinema Server is now also able to recognize and monitor PCS 7 network architectures and to depict H systems such as Simatic S7-410-5H or ET200SP HA in the topology. The existing device icon view is now joined by an additional function-oriented view. The topology search has also been optimized and shows the number of matches with related highlighting. The tabular layout permits targeted selection of a search result, and optically highlights matching devices. The group functionality permits several devices to be selected and grouped together.

More varied selection of user interfaces
Sinema Server V14 SP1 supports up to 16 network or Ethernet cards (NICs), enabling several separate networks to be monitored within a single Sinema Server installation. With support for Google Chrome (from V61) and Microsoft Edge, the new version enables users to choose between two further browsers, and an additional operating system is also available in the form of Windows Server 2016. 

Even simpler monitoring and data acquisition
By introducing these new functions, Siemens has upgraded the Sinema Server network management software. The extended functionality complements the proven existing modules to make monitoring and data acquisition even easier. 
These modules include the integrated validation report, the seamless integration of network data into 
Scada (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems using standards such as OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), Network Address Translation (NAT) support for the acquisition of all diagnostic data from plants and machines with identical IP (Internet Protocol) addresses or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 5-based topology display. The diagnostic data collected in Sinema Server can also be transmitted over suitable interfaces to high-level systems such as MindSphere.

Sinema Server
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