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Siemens MediaService Industries June 2018
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Approximately 1.7 billion kilograms of milk are processed each year at the Molkerei Ammerland. The dairy has seen sustained growth for many years which means the plant is in a continuous state of expansion. As part of this extension, the production network was modernized. A powerful network infrastructure was built together with Siemens which ensures reliable production and high plant availability and allows for dynamic growth.
The most important aspect of producing fresh products such as cheese is plant availability. Due to the high degree of networking in production, it is absolutely necessary for the production network to provide such high availability. Overall, more than 200 controllers with over 1,000 communication nodes exchange production-relevant data with each other across the whole Ammerland plant. As part of the modernization over many years, the dairy has therefore built a powerful network infrastructure together with Siemens. This is based on a new networking concept by the Siemens Professional SerĀ­vices team and meets all demands with respect to security and flexibility.
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