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Data Management
Advanced Data Management for Process Analytical Technology 

Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens is innovating its data management software for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with Simatic Sipat version 5.1, which allows users to monitor and control the quality of their products in real-time during manufacturing. The latest version features a web-based user- friendly Dataminer application transforming massive data amounts into tabular and graphical data information. Moreover, the new charting capabilities deliver an instant view on data correlation, shortening end user investigation time. Simatic Sipat 5.1 helps companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and fine chemicals industries to shorten time to market and improve product quality.
With the web-enabled Simatic Sipat Dataminer application, data from multiple Sipat data sources and Sipat versions can easily be collected. The intuitive search capabilities by the filter mechanism and the instant preview of the query results in a comprehensive data retrieval process. Moreover, by applying the data alignment capabilities on this data the end user will have large data volumes correctly aligned within a matter of a few seconds and an in-depth data analysis created in tabular or graphical format. The Dataminer delivers a global view on local data.
Additionally, the graphical object of the Dataminer delivers capabilities to zoom into parts of the graph, to compare data points over multiple and different graph types in order to give more insight to the end user. With each dataset plotted on the chart, the meta data (e.g. collector settings, diagnostic info, active alarms) can be consulted. These new charting capabilities (e.g. Spectral Heat Map) delivers an instant view on data correlation, shortening investigation time.

About Sipat
Simatic Sipat is a scalable and modular software solution that enables companies to extend their quality assurance activities on a step-by-step basis within the scope of the PAT initiative. With PAT, product development and production processes can be monitored, controlled and optimized by measuring the critical-to-quality attributes (CQA) of raw materials, process materials and procedures. This continuous monitoring of product quality can prevent deviations from specifications and therefore reduce production costs. In addition, it allows for Real Time Release Testing, so quality inspections on final products can be reduced or completely eliminated.

Simatic Sipat
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