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Fuel transport
Siemens is modernizing fuel transport at Sines

CLC elects Siemens to carry out the industrial modernization project of its fuel pumping station 
Technological solution allows remote control of operations from the control room located in Aveiras de Cima
Lisbon, Portugal. CLC - Companhia Logística de Combustíveis, S.A. chose Siemens to carry out the industrial modernization project of its fuel pumping station at Sines. Upgrading of the variable-speed fuel transport systems allows efficient transportation of the products through the 147 km long multi-product pipeline from the pumping facility in Sines to the storage park in Aveiras de Cima. The solutions installed by Siemens will also allow this transport to be controlled, operated and monitored from the control room in Aveiras de Cima, thereby contributing to the safety and efficiency of the entire operation. 
The Sines pumping station operates with three pumps, two with fixed speed motors and one with variable speed motor. It was in the latter that Siemens installed appropriate equipment for the transport of fuel at variable speed, namely a compact Simotics HV series H electric motor, the first of its kind installed in Portugal and specially customized for this installation, which comprises a variable speed drive and switching station. Additionally, Siemens installed an AC system in the technical room and updated the existing monitoring and control Scada system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to include alarm generation, reporting and all information necessary to ensure efficient, safe and cost-effective operation. 
António Mira, industry director at Siemens Portugal, said: “Our technological solutions contribute to making industrial companies more productive and profitable. For this project, thanks to the installation of this new fuel transfer pump, it was possible to increase equipment availability as well as its energy and operational efficiency. In this way, fuels are getting even faster to their final destinations.”
For José Eduardo Nunes, CLC’s Managing Director, “this project represents a technological advancement for the company’s infrastructures, improving reliability of operations, optimizing operation and making significant savings in CLC’s energy costs.” 

The Fuel Storage Park, located in Aveiras de Cima, receives liquid fuels through the multi-product pipeline for storage and further distribution. This facility handles white products such as diesel fuel and petrol as well as gaseous products such as the lique­fied petroleum gases butane and propane. This storage hub supplies the central part of the country, including the metropolitan area of Lisbon and Portela Airport.

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